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Truth and fair comment are two things which “Human Rights Commissars” want to outlaw.

There have been instances where people have been charged with promoting racial hatred by burning a Quran, the holy book of Islam. This raises the question: what race is Islam?  In one case near Newcastle six drunken fellows torched a couple of Qurans by pouring petrol on them and setting them alight then kicking them around setting fire to some dry grass and leaves nearby.  While this might constitute some sort of public mischief it is no more a hate crime than burning a flag or bible.
A person is free to spray paint graffitti on their own home but to do it to the home of another is vandalism.  If someone buys their own Quran, safely burns it with a blowtorch, makes a video of the process then uploads the same to YouTube there is no crime other than bad taste in the opinion of some.


While some might be deeply offended by this to point where they riot and kill it is not the fault of the video maker.  My advise to anyone offended by the above video is to grow some thicker skin.
That said no civilized person could not be but offended and appalled by the video below.

  I thought the Three Stooges were dead!

YouTube – Vancouver Demo Fail – Second collapse


If this is not willful and wanton negligence I do not know what is!

YouTube – Vancouver Demo Fail – First collapse

  This is anothe case were I wonder why an idiot like this gets paid more money than me.

YouTube – Rep. Hank Johnson, Guam will Tip over and capsize

The Royal Hudson arriving in Vancouver BC Canada at VIA Rail’s Pacific Central Station approximately 14:21 09/02/2010.